'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

editing in my sleep?

I look at galleys I worked on yesterday and have no recollection of implementing the changes the pink highlighter marks indicate, yet somehow they were done in the files, and somehow they've been attributed to my initials.

Chet's at the vet's again. It continues not to look good. The momentum shifts toward some version of giving up, though that doesn't necessarily mean soon. But it doesn't necessarily mean not.

.plan this a.m.:

>f lan

Oh, goodness.

I have this old cat, Chester, as many of you know. He's 19. He's
failing. It sucks.

Heavy sigh.

This morning, however, I have two gut senses that are good to have:
that I have what it'll take to get through it, no question about it,
and that I'm feeling it, not not feeling it, and I'm gonna be feeling

These are blessings, whether bestowed by kind spirits, Chance, or just
what life's done with me so far.
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