'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


(as in "with a sawng in my haht")

A few weeks ago I found, in the CDs in this house, a burned copy of the soundtrack to a movie (not out on DVD) called Niagara, Niagara. I didn't recognize the handwriting on the disc; probably somebody gave it to Holly. Anyway, I listened, and there was good stuff there.

At first I wasn't sure I liked this one cut. He's almost whiny in the nasally tone, especially in those first few intervals, in the first couplets of each verse---they hit a note on the scale (the 5th, I reckon), at a point in his range, that's practically asking for it that way, somehow or another. And on my little stock Mac speakers, some of the lower guitar notes come out a little muddy-muddled.

But the melodically simple little number has gotten to me. Maybe those lower lines/couplets after the higher ones are a relief/release of tension. Maybe it's partly the lazy but liltingly bouncing beat of his plucking those strings. And maybe, okay yeah, I dig that lyric. And I do like how, singing along, I get to go just about to the bottom of my own range.

Anyway, I keep playing it, and singing along:

.mp3  -->   "Bring Your Sorrow Over Here" -- Jason Morphew (1997)

Why does pain fade? Where does it go?
It's less permanent than Southern snow.
Why do I weep but once a year?
Bring your sorrow over here.

Why do we wish happiness
On the ones we love the best?
Our troubles will draw us near;
Bring your sorrow over here.

All my laughter is rounded by
Yearning to cry.
Our love is deeper, and more dear.
Bring your sorrow over here.

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