'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

good song too

That's what I was thinking when Shuffle brought it up while I was awaiting the downloading of other songs from today [yesterday] (good song day), and Manny got his first lesson in slow dancing:

.mp3  -->   "The Nearness of You" -- Ella & Louis (1956)

There are five or eight of those songs those two did that I dig quite a bit. This one's pretty relaxed. I like it.

Among other things today [yesterday] was a little kickball in the sub-beer-tunnel tunnel. Fallout shelter. Arena. That's cuz there was a tornado warning.

And I ask: what's with you people who ignore a tornado warning? Okay Norman's not reading (pretty safe bet, anyway) but I know there's at least one of you among you whose eyes'll slide across these here words in the next day or two. Cuz there are a lot of you. What's the big hesitation about going to the basement already? Other than wanting to see the storm? Especially when the alternative is sitting at your computer for yet another hour in a row?

I'm not talking general precaution taking. I mean, dang, the sirens don't go off any more at the drop of a hat. They got equipment now, ladies and germs. If the sirens go off and weather.com has a big red box around your local weather box saying TORNADO WARNING SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY, what more do ya'll need? That plus eyewitness reports of black swirling clouds just to the north...

Oh never mind. Ya'll just ---well, I hope ya'll are right, and ya'll don't get blowed away one of these days. Even though every time that doesn't happen ya'll seem to think that's more evidence that there's no reason to take shelter.

Literal shelter, from a literal storm. Not metaphor.

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