'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


Gotta get shod, and get outside the house a tad. Home early this aft. cuzza another power failure at work; ate & fell out for a (nonCPAP) nap. 'Sleft me foggy and damp.

Maybe a shower, then a walk.

Tune in tomorrow for kitten pix, I'm pretty sure.

p.s. Humph loves these little fuzzy buggers. I swear to gods he does.

p.s. Maynard Manfred just had (his first?) hairball. All came running to support him. The runt & the girl have had 'em now, too.

Such a frightened caterwallerin' precedes the event. "What is happening to me?" they seem to cry, more urgently than any of the other cries cried so far. "Something urgent is emergent, and has every bit of my attention! Something's dire! I call out to whatever is out there!" And then the experience delivers itself. The body convulses; the culmination of the trauma ensues. There follows a period of stunned recovery, sometimes involving an attempted investigation of the physical evidence. And then all is well again.

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