'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


The crap, it does flow from the fingers. I feel as if I'm doing a huge long free-write just to flesh out a structure of sorts; decent editing would require going back painstakingly, not so much to spiff up language (though there's always that) as to make it, like, INTERESTING. To make interesting the characters, many of whom are just meeting each other and supposedly making those connections you get with some folks that click, that spell really talking for real to each other, that indicate the other is interested in progressing toward real intimacy with SOMEbody, somebodies, and in which you yourself are somehow more forthcoming than usual, more open to the possibility. These conversations, and contrived ways they meet each other, are falling flat.

At 8600 words or so, I need to kick it up even more, though. I have a few cheesy tricks in mind, but it's not really in the spirit of good writing.

Oh, yeah---this writing's not supposed to be good, necessarily: just sizable.

The automatically-updating progress meter is now on my user info page, if you're curious.
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