'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


"Please allow form to reach room temperature BEFORE removing license plate tab." -- Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land

the full moon was yesterday. i don't like "moony" meaning mooning after somebody or something. that ain't moony to me. however, i am generally unoffended by the connotations of "loony."

monday is moon day. i was born on a monday. that makes me extra loony, maybe. not to mention all that business of sun and moon in cancer at midheaven. oh, it also (born on monday) makes me so fair of face. ;]

was too blue for the sunshiney blues last night. but arwulf has been getting me off to a good start today, as has this lovely cool morning. but the lighter-heartedness began, of all things, when i found that the kittens had had a wild paper towel party overnight. instant delight.

so we'll see how she goes, this wide-open sunday.

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