'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

end of june sunday cool night ramble & round-up

movies of the weekend:
Bande À Part (Band of Outsiders) -- 4.5 stars (meaning: very good)
Snows of Kilimanjaro -- 3 stars (meaning: gregory peck, susan hayward, ava gardner)

alison bechdel today:
"It’s very stressful being given awards! And you’re not allowed to talk about it. You know, because you should be so lucky. I actually had a most delightful conversation yesterday with Art Spiegelman (who requires no hyperlink) on this topic. He relayed a conversation he’d had with Matt Groening who said yeah, you can’t complain to anyone about the strains of success because it’s like saying that the ashtrays are full in your Rolls Royce. I like that. Although in my case it’s more of a Prius.

"I’m trying to be all cool about having a conversation with Art Spiegelman. But I’m not really. It was AWESOME."

(tip of the night: 'groening' rhymes with 'complaining')

what rants have i for you now.

earlier this evening i had three in mind. each for a different audience, they were, roughly: "hold court with somebody else, fer chrissakes already"; "i'm not your bloody confessor, especially not under the circumstances, you unsubtle lout (and that's putting it mildly)"; and "but steeling oneself is the enemy!" but rantiness has faded. got mellow. playing music. i've had a pretty lazy day, in fact, right when i damn well needed one.

dan and john stopped by with dogs a little while ago. they tied the canines out front and came in for a few. john plunked around a bit on the vibes, which i'd just finally gotten around to setting up. (it's been several years.) (bought the thing online in 1993 [i noted from the hard copy of the old how-to-set-up e-mail on the envelope with the O-ring belts] offa this guy stan in st. louis. found him/it via a usenet group--- something like alt.rec.percussion.)

i like the drop-by visit. i like when it's okay to have the drop-by visit. i like when it feels like it's okay to have a drop-by visit.

dew drop inn, ya'll. that could be quite the ticket.

the kittens have the run of the house now, 'cept when i'm not here, and overnight, and when they're cloistered eating or napping & chet's eating wet food. at least one will be ready for adoption soon---probably this week.

have had less caffeine today than any day in weeks. that ain't none, by a long shot, but it's a long shot less than the most in a day lately. (that would be friday.) last night frank spoke again of kava kava. who knows kava kava? you you? do tell, do tell.

susanstinson quotes mark doty today. she writes:
"I've just started his latest book, Dog Years, a memoir about his dogs Beau and Arden. In response to a comment from a stranger, about facing the prospective death of his aging dog, he writes:
'Just now death remains an interruption, leaves me furious, sorrowing, refusing to yield. Too easy an acceptance seems, frankly, sentimental, an erasure of the particular irreplaceable stuff of individuality with a vague, generalized truth. That's how sentimentality works, replacing particularity with a warm fog of acceptable feeling, the difficult exact stuff of individual character with the vagueness of convention. Sentimental assertions are always a form of detachment; they confront the acute, terrible awareness of individual pain, the sharp particularity of loss or the fierce individuality of passion with the dulling, "universal" certainty of platitude.' "

i like these words. they make me feel rather very unsentimental. ;] there's something in them about the individual thing that i don't fully buy, but it's getting awfully late to get into that much. basically there is generality in particularity. the particular contains the general. stuff like that, fleshed out brilliantly.

another great post by disclaimerwill tonight.

and now goodnight again, my little roseanne roseanna-dannas.

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