'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

trees and fortuity; chores, beverages; Barbara Stanwyck; heat

Last night a woman I'm attracted to up and told me about the maples in my yard. I'd just arranged the day before for the lovely librarians to pull some books on dendrology for me. Picked those up today.

Did a bunch of housework stuff this morning and tonight, despite the heat. Lotsa cleaning. Some laundry. Cooked for myself, such as I felt like eating. And the dishes are all done. And in the fridge are a full Brita thingie and a full thing of iced tea; in the fridge today and yesterday was lots of sweet milky iced coffee, with a soy touch---my staple meal these past two days. (That reminds me, I'm out of sugar.)

Mowed yesterday. Kind of a takin'-care-of-business weekend. With some pig roasting mathematicians in there in the middle. And intoxicants. Plus a little extra kitty stuff, between (a) their coming out to hang out with the grown-ups and (b) the small health scare about the runt---he's fine, though. Did run him in today anyway, and the news is that he's up to a whoppin' 1.2 pounds (that's 544.3 grams) (grams? grams! about the weight of 545 raisins; about the same as 545 paper clips---now isn't that amazin'?).

Alas, didn't make Traviata. Coulda caught that last performance today after all, it turned out.

I like the idea of musical families. Seems our coworker in the opera is in/from one, and there's another musical family represented at MR by somebody I had no idea about that about. (I'm just deciding that's grammatical & going with it.)

(Ooh, potential song title/hook: "about time about that about you", or var.)

Oh, The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers is quite good. So check it out, maybe, if you're not some moron who can't tolerate b/w movies.
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