'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

good late night summer weekend song

the guitar bit in the middle, maybe especially

from 1979:
"Cool Blue Stole My Heart" (live) -- Joan Armatrading

i've been playing records.

[this post prepped last night, but at 3:15, w/dial-up, i figured it could be sun-up before the song uploaded; true nuff, today it took as long to load as it took me to do all the dishes, clean up after the kittens, talk to four neighbors, and mow the yards. i feel increasingly certain that i won't make 2008 without some higher-speed service at home. connectivity suggestions from locals most welcome.]

flipping through lps, and seeing the beatles' second album ("Second Album" in the u.s.), i somehow remembered that i used to keep a xerox of an "important" letter inside the jacket to that one. guess what? it was still there. WAY too embarrassing to share here, i fear. thinking of burning it. it's been instructive, though. main lesson: i should thank all the goddesses i'm not 20 years old any more. and o mi god, i am taking so long to grow up, but at least i've come a good piece from somewhere.

there was also good news (if also sort of embarrassing) about my old friend al.

more songs for you later, i'm sure.
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