'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

off for a Thursday evening

Life seems pretty good today. Among other things, I have excellent teeth. And my gums aren't as bad as had been thought. Along with additional re-devotions undertaken by yours truly hereabouts in time, I aim to celebrate this news (re: choppers) with more consistent flossing & the letter I should have written the dentist before to say how my hygienist is the BEST.

Cuz she is.

You need your teeth cleaned in SE Michigan, I'll steer you right.

Bush may veto the expanded-to-queers hate crime bill, should it make it through the Senate. That'd make it his third veto, after saving the unborn from stem cell research and supporting the troops continuing to kill & die & otherwise serve us nobly. The Washington Post story about this latest, the hate crimes legislation, includes a sentence saying that the HRC says "this federal intervention [the bill allows when local authorities don't act] could have made a difference in the case of Brandon Teena, the young Nebraska transsexual depicted in the movie 'Boys Don't Cry' who was raped after two friends discovered that he was biologically female and then murdered after local police did not arrest those responsible." ---Didja notice how the Post let him be "he"? I don't know if the paper has any actual policy that way, but that sentence looks to me like it's got some progress in it, news-media-wise-speaking. (Of course "friends" might be not the sharpest choice.)

Alright, that's it. Off to have me an evening. Hope you have a good one yourself. Provided you're not Bush, or somebody else I'd wish a bad night to.

I do hope he has a bad night.

Is it a federal crime, yet, to wish the president a bad night?

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