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Opening Day

So hard to get excited about baseball with our imperialist war digging in for the long haul and so many people being killed and injured every day. Of course in/on the news here we get long stories about the families left behind when a U.S. soldier has died and nothing about the other side, certainly nothing to stir up our empathy with those people who are so "other" and distant and fanatical and backward and not at all like us.

I'm getting so peeved with National Propaganda Radio (as a friend has taken to calling it) that I can barely listen any more. Reports there are ever so sensitive to the needs and desires of the U.S. military and this damned administration; commercial sponsorship now includes Microsoft, in addition to ADM.

What next? How long until we hear these?

"Support comes from the Project for the New American Century for
choosing language like 'allied forces' and continuing to pretend
this war is about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction."

"Support comes from Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline for
lack of coverage of depleted uranium warhead use."

"Support comes from Kellogg Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Haliburton,
for minimizing discouraging perspectives on the destruction
that must precede the rebuilding they'll profit from."

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