'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

afternoon at the office

the glasses guy called--- there's a delay, as the first lenses they made didn't pass some test involving a steel ball being dropped on them. (?) i was just noticing how far down my nose i'm pushing these lenses now, even for regular galley font size on the desk in front of me. it is SO time. but not quite/yet time. so what else is new! and tell me about it.

it's been a day of lines. a bunch from songs, oh yes & oh my, plus "what does it say about you, the urge to undermine?", and who knows what others. well, many from routine-ish nonroutine typings, too, no doubt. i just remember that one i quoted there (perhaps not fully accurately) cuz i typed it out shortly afterwards.

got btk's mariachi record in the hopper right now, and a cuppa the strong stuff. feels like a good day.

helluva hug w/the freshly-defended B, after running into her & F at TJ's yesterday. she seems quite different, having passed that milestone, and then (reportedly) sleeping a lot.

back to't.

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