'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Easter Round-Up, and You [I] Don't [Didn't] Stay Shut Down Forever

Okay, so the only way that it was really Easter for me was singing "Je-zuss Christ is ris'n to-effin'-da-ay / Ha-ha-ha-ha-haa, effin'-lay, loo, ooo, ya" to bigfinedaddy on the phone, and then having a ham element to the buffet dinner at the truck stop we enjoyed (much) (along with flirting w/waitress) shortly afterwards. Oh, and my back-East pal Terri called & left a message for the occasion, in case I celebrate it, or even if I don't, saying she hadn't sent cards this year. Plus & which-reminds-me, I got another "Easter rummy" card from Emerald "Rally" Watson. Mixed media. He specializes in mixed media. This year the almost-passed-out drunk bunny is saying "GLORPP."

The by-gum-you-don't on the shutting down front is more of that giddiness at recovery, called up when reporting it on the phone last night to LA, who had the "shut down" line, and teased me a little for not buying it when she'd said it, or words/etc. to that effect, before. Which (teasing) I love, of course, of course. And it's true, the shut down thing: a long long time, sometimes, yeah, but. But! But.

Grumpy monkey now---the no-nonsense Jefferson Mark-up java blend. Watch out, MR!

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