'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


digging another mix today. whole funny thing. thinking about music and how it's gone in and out, the exploration of it, with me. recorded music. you know. the music world music, in tracks laid down or live.

so an expression i'm thinking about is "to wear one's heart on one's sleeve."

for the longest time i didn't even get what that one meant. and now that i know, it still strikes me as a very odd way of saying that.

and i wonder whether i wear my heart on mine.

i think many people who know me would say i do, and might be surprised (maybe even aghast) to see me say i sometimes wish i did it more.

there's a good poem over in greatpoets today taking as its stepping-off point the "this little piggie" nursery rhyme.

and now, here's a frame from huckabees that appeared on my screensaver a few minutes ago & pleased me muchly (i'm calling it "boys post bonk," but it's the ball bonk, not the---wait, it's the bonk of the big red rubber ball, not the other kind of bonk [or ball]):

boys post bonk
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