'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Halloween partying

Yep, I must be pretty hip---got 2 parties to hit tonight, after one last night (and post-party watching the emptying of the costumed queer Necto crowd plus hanging out back here and late, late b-fast @ Abe's). (Funny thing---my first instinct for an alternative to the linguistically tired "with" in that last set of paren.s [where I chose "plus" instead, thinking it better] was "cum." The Latin "cum," that is, but I wasn't going to bother italicizing it. Given the words immediately following, my meaning might be well have been misconstrued.)

At party last night, ran into friend E. (as opposed to other friend E.) (are there more? well I'm sure there's an Edward in my past or something...) whom we'd not seen since LAST Halloween. God I hope, now that we're settling down a bit, we'll manage a return to the regular realization of the priority of staying in at least fairly regular touch with the people we like especially. Having one's home set up and functioning in at least a semi-orderly way---and being free of major transitional obligatory projects (and their attendant procrastinations)---makes all the difference. Even in terms of how often we feel like going out and seeing people in the world, or at their spaces.

Must go get ready for more partying now. Now where did I leave those damned amphetamines. . .

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