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"I am asking for help because our little 'Lesbians and Body Image' issue is too thin : )," writes (to the fat dykes mailing list) Deb Burgard, Ph.D., Guest Editor of a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies. Here's the CFP:

Journal of Lesbian Studies has reopened its call for submissions for the upcoming "Lesbians and Body Image" issue with a probable pub date of 2007-8.

Deb Burgard, Ph.D., Guest Editor, is welcoming one-page abstracts of articles addressing different aspects of the theme. Articles may raise more questions than they answer, and may range from research to theory, academic to personal, for example:

* Does loving a woman change your own body image?

* Are athletic lesbians more or less accepting of their bodies than non-athletic lesbians?

* How does growing up identifying more with boys affect body image?

* What differentiates body image situations where it is seen as desirable to change your attitude (i.e., "accept your body") vs. where it is seen as desirable to change your body (i.e., transsexual surgery)? What determines whether someone identifies as a butch lesbian or a FTM transsexual?

* How do the differences in attitudes toward weight in different communities (ethnic, class) intersect with differences in attitudes toward lesbianism?

* Would prevailing standards for women's beauty change if lesbians were in charge of the fashion and entertainment industries? How do gay men influence standards of beauty for women, and what is the lesbian response to this?

* What are the dynamics of weight issues in lesbian relationships? Do lesbians have less of a tendency to blame their bodies for interpersonal rejection than straight women or gay men?

* Are body image issues involved in "lesbian bed death"?

* Are the differences among older and younger lesbians in body image concerns more the result of age-specific concerns or more the result of changes in historical periods?

* Does having a minority sexuality make it more likely that you will experience your body as betraying you? Or does it make it more visible that other people's treatment of you is cultural?

* Do lesbians weigh more or do straight women weigh less?

* Why are so many leaders in the size acceptance movement lesbians? Are thin lesbians more or less likely to be allies in the size acceptance movement?

* Does the coming out process help in validating your body and improving body image?

* Does being a member of an already stigmatized group make it easier or harder to have a body that doesn't look like the culture says it should?

* Comparing lesbian and gay male culture: Is lesbian culture "more forgiving" re appearance? What are the gender, sexuality, and cultural issues such that gay male culture appears to be less forgiving than even mainstream culture?


Please submit a one-page abstract (by email, please) by the deadline of April 10, 2007 to Deb Burgard at:


If your abstract is selected you will receive further details on the requirements for the articles. The Journal of Lesbian Studies is published quarterly by Haworth Press, which usually publishes the issue as a book as well, for an interdisciplinary academic audience. Alas, NO FINANCIAL PAYMENT IS AVAILABLE for authors whose articles are published. Articles should be 10-15 pages, double-spaced, submitted as Word document attachments by email to Deb Burgard at the address above, after your abstract has been accepted. All authors will need to sign a form transferring copyright to Haworth Press. Please do not send already published material unless you hold copyright or can obtain the rights to publish the material free of charge.

Thanks to all! Please feel free to re-post this call for articles wherever you think there are potential authors for this issue.

Deb Burgard, Ph.D.

I'm tempted to come up with something to submit, cuz not only could it be fun/good to write, but (now) I have a sense submissions are needed. Ha! Unfortunately(?) the first thing that pops into my head would probably give my ex- great satisfaction, were it to get in & she to find out.

bigfinedaddy, would you consider writing something? I just know your writing would rock. And you could contribute to the big fat body of thought on this stuff well, I bet.

In other news, it's been an interesting day at work. Quite apart from that one galley I had to use hard-copy JFM for & do some old-skool sleuthing, only to find LMD had it on hold, so that work may end up having been for nothing.

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