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interests suggestions

Here's mine. As disclaimerwill points out, the algorithm sprig5 found is a bit more interesting with the interests:

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. sleep apnea score: 14 [yeah, sure; didn't i list that myself?]
2. daniel pinkwater score: 8 [somewhat]
3. erich von stroheim score: 8 [not so much]
4. douglas fairbanks score: 8 [yeah, okay. but jr. even more]
5. theda bara score: 8 [mildly]
6. gloria swanson score: 8 [mildly]
7. weimar berlin score: 8 [not so much]
8. helen morgan score: 8 [hmmm... have to look into her]
9. silent film score: 8 [probably not so much as you'd think, though more than my average contemporary i imagine]
10. mary pickford score: 8 [not so much]
11. john barrymore score: 8 [not so much]
12. irises score: 6 [well, i like o'keefe pussiesflowers]
13. vargas score: 6 [not so much]
14. jayne mansfield score: 6 [not so much, and mild "uck"]
15. love & rockets score: 6 [yeah, sure; didn't i list that myself?]
16. george gershwin score: 6 [yeah, sure; didn't i list that myself?]
17. screwball comedies score: 6 [yeah, sure; didn't i list that myself?]
18. lene lovich score: 6 [true! i don't have a passion for her, but i want a new toy, oh-a-oh...]
19. william powell score: 6 [yeah, sure; didn't i list him myself?]
20. nero wolfe score: 6 [i dunno. i kinda doubt it.]

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