'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

This one's for you, Willie.

MR1784555 (2001k:11041)
Baica, Malvina(1-WIW)
Baica's Euclidean solution of Fermat's last theorem (FLT). (English summary)
Ital. J. Pure Appl. Math. No. 7 (2000), 151--156.

Spike Milligan wrote of a certain poet that he tortured the English language, yet had still not managed to get it to reveal its meaning. Trying to fathom the paper under review is similarly frustrating. The reviewer has read through the paper several times, and on each occasion has become more and more confused. There seems to be a plaintive argument that Baica's general Euclidean algorithm can be used to prove Fermat's last theorem, but since all the primary references are to previous papers of the author, and no coherent mathematical details are provided, this reader at least remains totally unconvinced.

Reviewed by Andrew Bremner

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