'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's Sunday.

I'm at the library again. Computer at home's still in the box, after bringing it in to work for the network guy to figure out why my connecting to the office wasn't working. Before I put it back on the desk at its lovely gaze-out-into-the-world spot, I'm going to clean up that corner of that room. Been meaning to do that anyway.

Did the dog thing this a.m. before opening. There are suddenly a lot fewer dogs out there---at least 10 empty kennels. They'll probably get some from other shelters here pretty toot sweet. Our shelter has a good adoption rate, and there's been some good action that way lately.

A known "escape artist" mostly-beagle going by the name of Guy slipped his collar on me this morning. I corralled him almost immediately---we were inside at that point, so he probably wouldn't have gotten far. The collar was the one he came in with, and it already had another hole to make it smaller bored through its leather. I found another one to fit him with. Red, I decided, would go with him well.

The snow & ice & salt can be hard on the paw pads of the pups, especially the little dogs. Did some foot warming too.

So now I've been to the store and done some errands and still have a good bit of day left for takin' care of business.

Maybe I'll tell you about Russian Pumperknickel Bread later. Giant Food Russian Pumperknickel Bread and peanut butter, and what it means to me, thinking on it now. Nutshell: I've realized there's a similarity between where I'm at with life these days and where I was at with Russian Pumperknickel Bread from Giant Food.

Takin' care of business, going through the motions, maybe spinning my wheels. Not sure what the fork is the best way to put it. It's all in the 'tude, I s'pose.

There's something about reluctance to invest that I think it would behoove me to meditate on a bit more than I've been doing.

Upcoming work week: looking forward to it, and not looking forward to it.

Home now for bird feeder filling, housekeeping stuff, and maybe a stir-fry, and/or miso soup. Oh, and prepping Magnetic Thing #10, the Final Magnetic Thing. Got another letter or two to write as well, in fact.

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