'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I like living where there's snow on the ground for many days in a row for a good part of the year.

It's pretty.

It feels good, somehow, to shovel one's way around in it. And to walk down paths one has shovelled earlier. And I also keep noticing myself enjoying driving down the shovelled stretches with little walls on the sides, with a bit of a feel of a nascent tunnel, or at least a rimmed roadway like the tracks my brother used to have for his Hot Wheels. That's especially good in the driveway & shared bit of road by my place, but it's good in the streets, too. It was late coming this year, this stuff. And it'll be above freezing again in a few days.

Spring is like a green consolation prize that all the lovely white is gone again for months to come.

I know, I know---nothing so dull to chat about as the weather, the great Thing We All Have in Common (so handiest fodder for small talk). Sometimes I just love weather, nonetheless. And being able to love the weather at hand, at least some of the time, feels like an important life skill.

Blew off Meri Lou Murray AND the dogs this afternoon. Just not feeling either. Likely both tomorrow.

It's another Saturday of me being floaty in the world.

Saw injured bigfinedaddy last night. That is one wicked knee mangling she underwent. May well be a while before she's strolling about in the world in the ordinary way.

Perhaps you're wishing I'd just posted more fountain pen pictures. (sheepish but not unhappy emoticon here)

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