'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

There should be an expression.

"Like a cracked drinking glass." Meaning a no-brainer, automatic decision (in this case to throw it away, it's ov-ahh).

I wish more decisions in my life felt so obvious. So cut-and-dry.

I spent more than half this weekend in my fleece-lined snowpants. A coupla winters ago vjsmom helped me feel better about having spent over $60 on them. I was having backlash, thinking how comparatively rarely they're appropriate. But on those rare sledding days, or days like yesterday walking dogs, or like today, just going to the library & the gym & the store, oh and to breakfast and trash taking-out---well, you were right, vjsmom. They're proving well worth it, even if they've gotten a bit baggy.

I stocked up the house with foodstuffs. Feels good.

Dull entry, I know. Whatchoo gonna do, I dunno(,) shit. (Amazing how much those old days with BP stay with me in the dumb little things.)

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