'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

phew, or like to give me a heart attack; also, alas

I had an e-mail from my brother this morning with the subject line "sadness." The text, in toto, read as follows:

RIP Molly.

Molly is the name of my great niece, with some stepness in there in a way I never know how to represent properly linguistically. So I sat there staring at the computer, trying to figure out what the hell he could mean other than that Molly, the second youngest member of the family, had died. Could he be so insensitive, or---more likely---so thrown for a loop by such an unexpected loss, as to tell me that kind of news that way? Would that be the best he could muster under difficult circumstances? What the hell else could it mean?

I zipped off to the mostly-empty office we save for the president of the AMS when he's in town (and use for massages some other days) to call & get the word. He wasn't answering his cell, so I left messages there and at the house---and while I was doing the latter, he called me back.

He was talking about this sad news (NY Times). Which is, indeed, sad. And which I'd actually heard about on the radio this morning. Leading me to cry happy/relief tears when I heard that it was that news that had upset me bro'.

Rather undercuts my ability to issue a good appreciation of Molly Ivins at this moment---so let's just say here's to her; the world was a better place, is a better place, cuzza her; I'll miss her. Robbie was telling me about what struck him in her tribute to Ann Richards when the ex-gov died not so long ago. I imagine we'll have some good tributes to Molly to read in the next few days.

Some other obits:
Creator's Syndicate guy
Dallas Morning News
Houston Chronicle
Texas Observer site, dedicated to her for now
tributes at the Texas Observer
Associated Press
The Guardian
The Advocate
LA Times
Mother Jones

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