'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

questionable bumper sticker, and other minor monday morning matters

this one's parked on fifth this a.m.:  ".art eradicates poverty."

yeah, right. i'd accept ".odd bumpersticker punctuation makes one wonder about its intent." but not the art takes care of poverty one. fie on the stickers onto bumper thereof. and i'm pro-art, don't get me wrong.

so arthur just came by to teach me the expression "infra dig"--- did you know it?

Poll #902783 infra digitude

This expression "infra dig" --- I ...

already know it
didn't know it before today

that led me to this Random House page about its origins/history, which led me to their page on "sensitive" language and relative offensiveness (complete with a scale/chart). me, i take umbrage that "cunt" is in the spot that's the equivalent of "pretty much always offensive." clearly i haven't been doing much of a job of bringing that term into the mainstream.

and here i was just saying that life has no meaning, and i have insufficient sense of purpose. i could just make that my mission, and spend most of my free time on it, and die happily cunty.

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