'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

birdies and squirrelies and stuff.

My birdfeeder has caught on. The claim-staking chickadees are sharing with the female of the cardinal pair, and a few newcomers I think are sparrows.

The squirrel who kept trying to get to it the other day---Spotty, with the curious white spot on its back---has been concentrating today on selecting leaves from one spot near the road, carrying them up the big pine, crossing with them via a high branch to the smaller pine, and expanding the already considerable estate it's building in those boughs.

Now the sun has just started popping out for a minute at a time. I heard that might be happening as today went on.

As for the holiday, I'm not feeling much like celebrating anything. I'm afraid I'm with the curmudgeons who wish it were just any other weekend.

Humph has been especially playful and cuddly for days now. Has me thinking.

Alas. Perhaps another episode of "Oliver's Travels," and then outside for a bit. Got a stake down out there, and a few other tidying up things I'd like to get to.

I sorta wish I had cable TV. Sans the commercials and the Christmas stuff. And the reminders of fatphobia. I've had way too many of them lately as it is.

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