'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

hung things up

4 things. Outside. Cleaned part of garage. Didn't get to chainsawing yet. Did some tree branches.

Have tomorrow off.

Doesn't feel like holidays. Pretty much ignoring them, except for J. M. T-butt. So far, so good with that strategy.

Still not over the small roller coaster of last weekend and aftermath. What a whirlwind that was.

Very much enjoyed The Bad Sleep Well. Design for Living was pretty good, too. Best polyamory classic I've seen, I think I can say fairly safely. It was made in, what, 1930? Pre-code, anyway. A few good laughs here and there. Ordinarily I don't have much of an appreciation for Gary Cooper, calculating that one as strong + silent = boring (often). He was fine in this one, though. Maybe cuz it was funny. Edward Everett Horton was fun to listen to, as always, and he embodied his stiff guy role well enough. Written by Ben Hecht, from the Noel Coward play, dir. Ernst Lubitsch.

Sat at Felix with O last night for a good long while. Have missed her. It's a trying time, this late December, two double-ought six. Not the least of which is in contrast to others, flying off, zipping here or there for adventure, and/or possible pre-adventure, and/or holidays.

Had steaks with D at Knight's the other night, speaking of the flying-off. Realized that that kitschy place, which feels like it goes back to the '50s, was founded in '84.

When I get back to the office later this week, we'll be packing up our stuff for the installation of new carpet and (I hear) removal of asbestos. Will be shuffled off to work at the desks of those on holiday. Hoping it will be fun, a small adventure itself, but have a hunch some parts of it might not go so well. We shall see.

Live and learn.
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