'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

baseball (not that it matters much any more)

I'd decided I had something good to root for in the World Series after NY lost the first game: a four-game routing of the Evils by Florida. I'd also thought it would be sweet if Aaron Boone got no more hits, made a lot of errors, and then got injured in the off-season, so that pesky 11th-inning home run against the Sox would be his last major league hit. I also was rather enjoying the Yankee fans booing their own (slumping) Soriano.

But that's all screwed now, too. Soriano hit a HR. The Yankees won Game 2 by a good margin. And Boone did get a hit last night (after going 0-fer-4 in the opener)---though he committed 2 errors, at least.

I'm not even sure I'll watch the next game.

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