'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

9 to 5, the movie: no longer available on DVD

But there a copy was in the library yesterday, before I succumbed to this cold. So it's next on today's playlist. I have gotten a fair bit of little stuff done today, in addition to losing fluids through mucus and replacing them (granted, the main activity).

So 9 to 5 is a property of 20th Century Fox. Suppose that's got something to do with it having gone out of print? They could claim to be scandalized by pot smoking in it, or by Hanoi Jane (or whatever it was they used to call her), now that she's safely not tomahawk-chopping with a media mogul partner herself any more. It'll be interesting to see what's in the 'extras,' if anything. My hunch is that it's the class uprising element that's the real bugaboo, presuming there is one. Netflix had it, on long wait, then on very long wait, and now it's on the availability "unknown" list.

I saw tht the library does have a video copy of Johnny Guitar, whose release on DVD I check for periodically.

Ya'll's comments on the concept of unconditional love were good to read. I don't much feel like responding individually at the moment, if you'll forgive me.

Worst part of a cold with this kind of congestion: it makes CPAP use impossible. Thus preventing me from getting real sleep. Oh, I should post sometime about the recent follow-up session I had with a cool neurologist---who actually seemed not only not to presume me an idiot but actually to presume me to have functioning grey matter (perhaps until proven otherwise). Well, here, I'll post about it now: It was great. He went over both my sleep tests from back then with me in detail. And he googled around with me to show off new mask styles that are out there. And he talked in real-world terms about choices involving money and insurance being something to be worked through and around. I dug him.

I wonder if neurologists in general are cooler than some other types of specialists in general. Doesn't seem implausible.

It's going to be a long night tonight, I tell you what.
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