'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

mornin' and happy T'sgiving, anybody getting on the computer today

They're playing food songs on WEMU. Which I gather is a tradition.

HFS and then RNR used to get "Alice's Restaurant" in some time, seemingly always right around when I'd be in the process of losing the signal, driving down the Sho'.

Soon I'll be making the 16-20 servings of the second kind of mashed potatoes I'll contribute to today's meal. The first (make-ahead ordinaries) are done. For the others, the garlic is roasted and the balsamic reduction has been reduced/produced.

Redactivist reductivist. Reduct redact redux. Reduction ad absurdum. I sense great potential for fun with the vinegar syrup in today's gathering of academics. At least one or two of 'em.

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