'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I feel kinda okay, and even good, on the day after Election Day.


I had decided not even to hope for the Senate. But now I want it, too, out of those hands. And I have the feeling there'll be a fight, with the Dems not laying down right away this time.

I told BFD last night that I have a funny habit with local tax/millage issues: I vote for them when the cause is worthy (and, c'mon: schools and trash pick-up---good causes), but then I kinda root for the other people to be stingy so I won't have to pay them. The consolation, I guess, would be that property taxes I can't afford now wouldn't go up. I'm never too disappointed when I win, though. At least until my next escrow review.

Here's an unexpected big bummer to me about the failure of the "No on 2" movement: it makes me feel more isolated in some little island here in the corner of this state. Check out the county-by-county map at this CNN page.

I feel a little isolated in this spot in this state anyway, just habitually, having sort of settled here and not explored as much as I have the environs of everyplace else I've lived. The political environment of the more rural areas in Kansas sure didn't stop me. But then my little spot there was hardly Ann Arbor in terms of (sorta) lefty queer-friendly comfort.

Ah, well--- M-O-N-T-A-N-A, as we shouted at that big March on Washington that year we were fake Montanans (along with "Felons from Montana!" and such). Virginia, I just can't spell out in cheering. Sorry, state that is supposedly for lovers.

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