'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Unconscious Mutterings

from the Unconscious Mutterings site:

  1. Timeshare:: Yankees Suck
  2. Accounts:: Yankees Suck
  3. Temptation:: To Kill Yankees
  4. Hack:: Yankee Hacks
  5. Shadow:: Yankee Devils
  6. Infection:: Yankee Disease
  7. 800:: Yankees Dead
  8. Infidelity:: Yankee Cheaters
  9. Springfield:: Lisa Simpson Hates the Yankees Too
  10. Gardener:: Yankee Groundskeeper Scum

To quote myself (in reply to entry by pijeanf), times like this it feels like the big guy always wins. Like nothing can ever work out right, like preemptive strikes and the dominant captialist superpower will prevail. Strike another blow---a LOW blow, a DOUBLE low blow---for the bully, the rich man, the oppressor.

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