'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I'm going to bed soon, but...

cnn.com just called Mo for the Dem. Which means, if the lead in MT holds up (w/65% of vote in, Democrat Tester @ 127,342 has 51% of the vote, v. Republican Conrad "Enough of Him Already" Burns @ 116,751 with 47%), then we just have to win the inevitable re-count in Virginia, and then Dick Cheney won't be the tie-breaker, and Bush's hands'll be tied so well that poor ol' Justice Stevens might even be able to retire.

I spent the first part of the evening at bigfinedaddy's, partaking of the cable & checking out her new place. That was cool. I dig her digs, but to tell you the truth she coulda been living in a ramshackle, uh, shack, and I'd have dug where I was when the House fell.

One more refresh: 69% of vote in:
Tester 133,247 or 50%
Burns 125,028 or 47%

I wonder if what's still out is (more Republican) eastern Montana.

Oh, and what the heck--- the closest Va vote I seem to be able to find right now is at the Drudge Report:
R- ALLEN 1,159,226 49.23%
D- WEBB 1,167,037 49.56%

That's a shade less of a lead than CNN has.

Ach. Must to bed.


Any minute now.

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