'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

the fruits of my labour

It was considerable enough work, despite my selling out the romantic in me who thinks starry-eyéd-ly every autumn of the purity of two hands and a good old-fashioned rake, that it deserves (what we here think of as) an extra letter in "labour." Yep, this year I bought a leaf blower. It was great at the rock pile I had climbed all hands-and-knees into in the past, and worth all 3,999+tax on-sale pennies for that alone. Good at moving most leaves along, too. Not so great at moving the big piles, though, so I supplemented with the rake and a sheet J & I dumpster dove last spring---and in a mere 6 or 7 hours of labour, including many a sheet-haul to the street (or "magic carpet ride," as I called it to the leaves), I had made Mount Marlborough---

pic of Mount Marlborough

---and the Mudvillian Ridge (in the middle in the back)---

pic of the Mudvillian Ridge.

Seems to me it was more leaves than it looks like in these pictures. The ridge, in particular, was a heckuvva lotta leaves its own self. More than in the mountain, by a fer piece. I'd taken the afternoon off work ("leaving for leafing," as I called it to the boss), and it was 5 before I had even begun to pile up Mt. Marlborough. By the time I finished that heap, it had gotten so dark I could barely see to gather my various implements and articles of shed clothing.

That night I took a hot bath as prophylaxis. I was only a little sore the next day (yesterday), and it was good in its own right, anyhoo. Had me thinking back on Lee Ann and Lorne's tub in Dexter, OR, with all the hanging plant action. Maybe I want me some hanging plant action over my tub. Also had me thinking how one of the best things about having long, thin/stringy hair is that moment-out-of-time in the tub when you've just used Bill's mother's tupperware container or Holly's canning jar to douse the ol' pumpkin, the whole coconut, the pate-cum-entire-noggin to bring about the Cousin It phenom, only wet: a whole little universe inside the opaque waterfall. Smells, feels, sounds --- all quite unusual, and grand.

Then yesterday morning, after these pix were taken, the little bulldozer came along and pushed piles together into even bigger mountains, and then a big vehicle of some sort came and drove off with almost all of them. And by the time I got home there was snow on the ground.
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