'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

movie with sex yet not porn

I'm starting to have quite a mental backlog of things to post about. Wonder which ones will actually make it here.

Now, though, this: Shortbus opens at the State tomorrow. Who's up for seeing it this weekend?

In my idealistic childhood, I bemoaned all kindsa stuff I perceived was terribly wrong with the culture I was born into (which I mighta called "the world" at the time). Part of that stuff had to do with strictures around gender, and part of it had to do with those around bodies in general and sexuality. My initial focus of complaint on the latter topic (which I didn't recognize at the time as connected to the former) was that it was scandalous to be nude. I was all about freedom for nakedidity, as I came to like to call it, and fascinated by nudists. The roots of a later cinematic woe may have evolved from that strain; surely it was furthered by a whole chain of observations, including a feminist "hell, yeah" reaction to John Waters's complaints about the (woman who was the sole) Maryland film censor and frontal male nudity (she cut every shot of it). Basically, I'm talking about sex in movies, and how movies don't seem to get at or have in 'em RL sex and sexual settings/issues/etc., probably mainly because of the conventions of "movie" sex, which is generally not much like sex (perhaps you agree).

So this film has ideas about busting things out a little in the direction I have always figured I'd like them to go, or at least be able to go sometimes. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but I care enough to have my fingers crossed, at least a little. You gotta figure that Hedwig guy has a shot at pulling it off.

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