'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


I just clicked over to read today's Doonesbury and was greeted by an ad for Capital One featuring a small woman, crunched up in her airline seat and looking horrified at the ass of the not-even-all-that-big fat guy moving, via animation, past her to get to the window seat. "Can't help you there," the text reads, "but... [some bullshit about money]."

Don't know how to cite or steer you to the ad, but, perhaps depending Google has pegged in cookies, you might see it if you refresh the page a few times.

I sent feedback to Google on it. (In part: "I bet Capital One has a helluva lot of fat customers. But now it has one less than it did before.")

This kinda crap, along with the before/after and miracle surgery ads, makes me feel assaulted by my computer monitor. Which is usually my friend, you know?

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