'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

ol' Mizzou

Okay, I watched the Michael J. Fox political ad (for the candidate favoring stem cell research in the Missouri U.S. Senate race), which's gotten attention because Rush Limbaugh accused Fox of playing up his symptoms to exploit his illness for political reasons.

What strikes me, watching the ad, isn't his ticking: it's that he pronounces the name of the state with a schwa sound at the end, instead of a long e. I don't think I know anybody not from the central U.S. who does that. Anybody else? Could that be a subtle political calculation? I guess I don't know whether the Show-Me folk say it that way themselves, even in certain parts of the state. aabassplayer, can you help me on that question? (BTW, I know I'm currently losing our bet... but I'm far from giving up hope.)

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