'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Suddenly tonight it's not just a town again.     !!!!!

Y'follow? Perhaps not. Indeed, probably not. Let me just say WHAM and BAM, scrunched-forehead "no...", and ????

'Twas no hallucination. Double & triple take, and quadruple, and quintuple, and... complete confirmation, but for the (apparent) (though this is questionable) one-sided recognition. And, I tell you folks, "hunh?" and "wha'?" are the mildest possible representations of my first reaction. And then there was the physiological thing.

My body does many things it didn't used to, and this category of thing isn't related to, for instance, increased flexibility or energy.

I begin to wonder whether this haunting will ever lose its sway over me.

The several elements of highly unlikely circumstance involved tonight would have had DKD certain God did it for a reason.

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