'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

i'm back, sort of

Got back from road trip t'other day. Had a touch of the blues. Kinda okay now, I reckon, and aiming to rally & make the most of the rest of this hunk of time off work. Waiting for the late O (not dead late, just regular late) for a quick hawk watching jaunt to the shore of Lake Erie.


Had a downed power line in the back yard. DTE has fixed that up now, and I have yet to assess what'll be needed to clear the downed branches/tree---couldn't get close enough when the live wire was draped about.

It was good to be at a poetry festival, and good to see my old pal, and good to be in NYC. Still, I feel a bit lonesome in the world. Our homo-veg-o-matic has arrived in these environs, however, and I have hanging with her to look forward to in the short term, anyway.

Time to dud up in warm clothes for the binocularity to come.

Probably have some pics offa my phone for ya'll later.

How ya'll been, btw?

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