'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

night before a trip?

[was limited friends]

I think I'm heading East tomorrow. Gearing up pretty well for it, but want to enjoy myself, so retaining the option of not leaving until early Thurs. Those leaving really early days, though, set a hectic sort of tone I don't like as much as a less hectic one.

And of course here I am, up really late, fiddling online while my jeans go around in the dryer again.

The only reason I'm posted "limited friends" only here is some weird paranoia that jumped into my brain about announcing to the world that I'm about to leave town. As if there's so much in this house anybody would want to break in for, and as if some random person reading... well, you get the point.

Sure hope I'll manage to execute my intention of quelling, 'fore I go, the fretting about money & this'n'that I seem to be doing more than usual with respect to this indulgence    luxury     wasteful pleasing myself for unpractical reasons     selfish thing I have no business doing, given my finances, not to mention people starving in India, which is where I think the proverbial starving ones were in the parlance of my family of origin   trip.

I did have a good day today, not being at work, and generally not being too much of a chicken with its head cut off about my laundry list of things to do (including laundry).

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