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pending: some time off work

After today, I won't be at the office the rest of this week & then some, though I'll be in town some of that time. I hadn't realized until this a.m. that our fiscal September would end with last week's numbers, so had my round-up reports to do, and that threw my off my anticipated rhythm for the day; I haven't yet recovered.

It'll be good to have a break from MR. I love MR, but it is work, and even more than that, it's a place I'm expected to be on certain days at certain times, many more days than not, and when you've been keeping yer end of a bargain like that pretty solidly for many weeks, it begins to wear on ya.

Though my one little travel plan does involve some pesky detail work with schedules and transportation options and coordination thereof, I'm also keeping a good part of it open for improv. [slightly dazed and foolishly vacant- & happy-lookin' emoticon here]

And then there's the chronic [figurative] disease of the heart I've had for some time now, and which I have found, at times in life, responds well to being off on my own away from home and moving semi-randomly. Remission isn't exactly right, metaphorically. But hell. I dunno. Somethin' in it is good for what ails ya, when "ya" = me.

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