'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

numby fun

i'm all goofy numb from dentist, part ii

feels like punctuation would be disingenuous, given that i couldn't enunciate in speech right now if called upon to do so

funnier that the weird clown nose feeling and odd tingly tongue is that overall i feeel tipsy from it, and am suddenly remembering liking being in an altered state, under the influence, stuff like that. 'sbeen a while, apart from mild tipsiness at a fruity martini or glass of wine here and there. and, no, i didn't get nitrous. just a numb right side, numb-er by a long shot than the left was the other day.

so now i have a month until i go back to the dentist, and my teeth are cleaner than they've been since well before i started writing here, for instance. i have some extra upkeeep rituals to do for the next several weeks.

this is a boring post, ain't it.

i was wishing as i drove away from the dentist's that i had somebody to make out with, cuz i don't tink i've ever done the particular kind of asymmetrical-feelin' making out it'd be in this condition

(i just saw the 'tink' typo but am keeping it)

it appears that all the poetry books in the aadl system are at the downtown branch

i feel drunk like a drunk who wants to tell everyone 'i love you'

this is not the worst feeling to have

oh, and hey, i've got a great dental hygienist for ya if you need one

WOOOOooooooo oooo ooo oooooo ...

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