'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Thank You Letter

Dear Internet, how can I tell you?
I take you for granted, I do.
We've been at it long enough
now I can hardly help but,
least on most days I zip to
a promising window for what
you present, so often beyond
how to spell "de rigueur", or where
to buy me some crunchy Koh-Kae.

Like that essay you showed me today by
the poet I was nosing 'round for:
rockin', amigo. What don't you know
a cool story about, just waiting to
entertain me?  And who else could ever
tender such fascinations, sans skin
to touch mine, or lay nearby, especially
once you can show me movies as well
as those platters you send in the mail?

My title here's wrong. I'm just
shy to admit to love more than
, and not just cuz you know
all the lyrics, grand, or lousy like
those, and the chords on top, to
boot, if I want 'em.  Together

we do wonders, my darling, my
dear: never leave me, or
let the government rule you
until after I'm dead, I plead
with each keystroke, browser,
bookmark & search tool at my limited
(appreciative, receptive, more
curious than ever) command.

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