'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

what's up

Smilka gave me a big honkin' grifola frondosa. Should be fun. I think I had some of these from her last year, too.

Tomatoes are starting to wind down. The round-up on them later.

I am delighted to report that yesterday, after breakfasting out, I took great advantage of the unseasonably warm day, outside for almost all of it until the sun went down. Worked in the yard, mostly mowing and hand-trimming hedges & bushes, until I was good 'n' sore; my back held up decently and has complained only a little since. Later sat out on Main with gorgonzolish mushrooms & Orangina.

Check out lovelikeyeast's lj posting of scans & transcriptions of some of her old childhood diary entries. Some people just give good lj, you know?

Tonight: Annie Hall on the big screen.
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