'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

as the first chill-in-the-air weekend passes its crest...

I'm liking today pretty well. It's a lazy Sunday.

Happy to've gone for a swim, a walk, and a trip of the temple around the circuit. Caution about my upper back difficulties made for some of the most fluid movement I've ever engaged in at the building; you shoulda seen, for instance, how classically smooth my gingerly executions of the slightly scaled-back poundages in the strength area were.

I was just talking to squirrelykat the other day about the word "gingerly," and how I'd just, here in middle age, finally clicked on why that's the word for that, and how it's a shame my fellow cooks and I hadn't realized the connection before that notorious-thereafter stir-fry mishap years ago.

Just had an e-mail from my ur-mentor, whose old e-mail address had bounced on me; she'd gotten my snail-mail letter the other day. How I love that woman. I wonder sometimes how many other lives she has influenced as tremendously much as she has mine.

Home now to finish making myself some chili I'll probably be eating well into the week. Good evening for it, with this nip in the air. I believe I've even got a beer in the back of the fridge.
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