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Alrightee. I can't just check out. I shall pipe up here, at least now and then, despite the imperialism for which I, by simple virtue of my citizenship, am partially responsible.

We the "American people," as politicians & pundits like to refer to us (curiously enough never including themselves), are not doing enough to stop this war. And I'm not especially hopeful that we will, at least not any time in the near future. What would it take to get this complacent population to stand up to its government? I used to think there'd be a big populist stink the next time a president got elected without a majority of the popular vote---but we don't even care if the results are certified by an appointed federal court before all the votes are counted. We don't care about anything the government does. We just chastise each other for insufficient patriotism and tune in to the lowest of mass cultural lows of the day, local television news.


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