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I'm supposed to post six random facts about me, then tag six others to do the same.

1.  There are several posts I've vaguely been thinking of making here these past coupla weeks but haven't gotten to. My enthusiasm for writing them seems to wane as the notions they involve age in my noggin.

2.  My childhood obsession with body symmetry resurfaces once in a while. Happened the other day when I kicked the inside of one ankle, prompting the classic childhood impulse to even it up, sensation-wise-speaking. I was already moving to kick at the opposite/mirror point on the other ankle when I realized what was going on. (I gave it one little knock anyway, as I chuckled at myself.)

3.  Kitchen things that please me particularly include whisks, bottle openers, glass/plastic spoon-straws and cocktail stirrers, tea kettles, very small lovely spoons, and pitchers.

4.  I also like old transparent glass paperweights with pictures on the bottom, and see-through things like stuff suspended in lucite. And fake-o 3-D images on 2-D surfaces. But not holograms, really.

5.  I love to float, esp. when I can achieve a high degree of letting go & spacing out.

6.  My mother's father, whom I never knew, was once thrown out of the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago for being colored. His folks were from Odessa; who knows how "of color" he was, in any way the Palmer House people might have thought of it. (I like to think it was at least a little.) Here's a picture of him I meant to post in the dead-family-people series I was doing a while ago:

Robt G

(Yeah, Andy--- I was thinking about ancestors cuzza looking at your list of facts again for inspiration.)

I tag 2 who actually post sometimes:
and 4 who don't, at least not much, in hopes of prompting them to do so:

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