'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

"There will be time."

That phrase just came back & whapped me in the face.

Ker-POW! ZOWie!!


I have a complicated relationship to that phrase from where I sit at the moment. It's been gone so long I've lost some of my sure-fire memory factual link to it---but not the emotional link. That's not diminished in the least.

Funny that it should come up just now! And, I fear, it feels a little personal to share the details at the moment, other than to say I just got revisted with a zinger I can't believe I'd forgotten, it was so powerful & joyous & just-the-ticket.

It'd take me all night to give you two small paragraphs on it anyway...

Such sadness in it now. Good thing the surprise, and the potential for contemplation, offsets that feeling a bit.

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