'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

getting late

Why am up still up. I'm falling asleep sitting.

Saw Blood Simple with shmizla tonight. Had my own mystery watching it: how I could have forgotten so much of the movie. If I was in an altered state the first time I watched (on video not so terribly long ago), that might explain my lack of retention---but then how would I have known that it was a great movie? Its greatness is all about following things in a way the out-of-it-synaptically surely couldn't. All I could remember was the dramatic noir-y ending. Boy, it's a nice little film. I didn't see it for the longest time cuz I thought it would be really horribly violent---and that maybe I'd be really bothered by it. The truth is that I wasn't all that taken with Raising Arizona when it first came out. It wasn't until later---maybe even Fargo (I'm having trouble remembering the order of their movies)---that I really got into the Bros.

We saw Scoop afterwards. I liked it again. Good night of movie watching. And very glad to have my buddy back in town for a while.

Answered an e-mail answer a few minutes ago. I so don't know what's going on. "What's going on?" asked Marvin Gaye, in consideration of much deeper, but less confusing, matters.

The heat broke today. Alleloo.

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