'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

middle of a Friday

I'm going to leave the office for a few hours of Art Fairing here in a bit. Then tonight I'm going out to dinner.

My tomatoes at home are going crazy. If this keeps up, I'll have quite the harvest. I'm already thinking of sundrying and salsafying, in addition to many a tomato-cheese sandwich & tomato-cheese salad, and I may even have to learn canning. (How hard can it be.) Pruden's Purple, in particular, is skyscraperish. And Ethel Watkins has managed to contort quite impressively so's to be able to make out with Aunt Lillian. Last night I did another round of tying up the staked ones (about half the crop), in yet another color of pantyhose strips: thanks, ladies, for your contributions thereof. Couldn't do it without you. Unless I bought some pantyhose.

There are still a few berries to be gleaned---just enough to snack on while working out there.
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