'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

"We'll only take shit from the President."

Today at Language Log (syndicated for lj at languagelog), this piece by Benjamin Zimmer on "shit" in the NY Times:

"Taking shit from the President"

I've also been reading some of the British commentary about the poodle controversy (i.e., the extent to which Blair is Bush's), in its latest uprising after the open mic thing. I imagine world leaders knowing they've got to put up with the idiot cowboy, hating it as they humor & indulge him, but really letting loose at their world leader cocktail parties when Dubya isn't around. Surely he's a huge joke. Just not the kind of joke you can laugh at with abandon, what with the deeply dark undercurrent.

R at work just told me about Bush's "massage" of the German chancellor. Yaugh! Here's a good source on it from Melissa McEwan, who edits & blogs there at Shakespeare's Sister. (I got to this one via Alternet.)
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