'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

lotsa iced tea & no deep thinkin'

That's how the desert native in Desert Dykes says they handle the heat.

It's not actually all that bad today, as there's a breeze, and I was out in my version of "barely legal" (in terms of attire in public). This evening's the annual potluck here on my street. I didn't go last year, so I've figured I've kinda gotta go this year---and, really, I don't mind. And I like knowing my neighbors, if I'm not living in a city (even there I like to know a couple). The ladies' cookie bake the women of the 'hood do at Christmas is a little more awkward for me, esp. as they all recall the former household cookie baker extraordinaire, but I think I didn't even get invited to that last time, if they had one last year.

For this year's potluck I did update the neighborhood phone list/map, a job I inherited from the former owner of this house. I've branched out to cover e-mail; what I really want to include is pets' names. The pets are major citizens of the block, particularly the dogs. But then those household residents do have a higher, uh, turnover than, say, children, and maybe it would be sad to see Rover on the list after he's been dead for 18 months.

Last year on the potluck day it was almost 100o F. This year it's only low 90s, and we're having it in a yard instead of on the pavement. I expect a fair percentage of the discussion to be around the weather, and possibly mosquitoes, as West Nile virus was just found in our zip code. Which cracks me up. The zip code part.

I made devilled eggs, à la Cook's Illustrated---had a hard time peeling them, but the consensus seems to be that they were too fresh (that membrane still too thick). I think they taste pretty good. I did sub Clancy's Fancy for the Worchestershire sauce, cuz it seemed a bit extreme to buy the latter for 1/2 teaspoon (and that's the doubled recipe). Oh, and I threw in some paprika, and then sprinkled some over the done things. So I guess it wasn't purely their recipe. Did use their idea of lining the carrying container with that spongey shelfpaper-like stuff, so they don't slide around. If I still have the old devilled egg plate/carrier (I can't even remember which), it must be in the basement somewhere.

---Just got a call to go play some bones before the potluck:  yes! I don't get to play me enough bones. Into the shower with me now.

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